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Be Strong & Courageous Everyday

Recently we studied Joshua 1:9 that says, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” In this passage God was leading the Israelites into the promised land. Joshua was trying to encourage the children of God. They need to be brave and courageous.

We need to be courageous to get through every day. We have pressures to wake up, go to school, face others, and perform well at school. In sports we cannot fear getting hit by the ball or striking out. We keep striving to do better and try harder.

There is an interesting story in Luke 8:40-48 where Jesus heals a hemorrhaging woman. This woman was bleeding heavily and had been for twelve years. Jesus blesses this woman for having the courage to reach out to Him. She had to have a lot of courage to come to Jesus in that condition. However, Jesus had to have courage too. Jesus challenged science (vs.43-44) and the law (v.48). He stood up to His critics.

No matter what goes on in your life you should be like Jesus. He had courage to live a perfect live and then endure the cross. Jesus needs to be recognized for His bravery and courage in these situations because doing them it led to His death. People hated Him for it.

If Jesus would have simply taught they might have accepted Him. But Jesus had to show them signs in order for them to completely believe, to see His power, and to realize that He was the Messiah. He was persecuted for His signs and what He said in doing them. Remember earlier that the people of the country of the Gadarenes asked Him to leave (v.37). Jesus told the woman that she was healed because of her faith (v.48).

Jesus was brave and courageous in challenging the people of His day, going against the grain, and doing what He knew was right, no matter what. The woman was brave because she had to approach Jesus, even though it was dangerous.

Everyday of our life we must be courageous. We need to have courage to put ourselves out there preaching the gospel. We may be rejected but we have to keep moving forward. In doing that we will enter the eternal Promised Land of Heaven.

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