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We are strong advocates of the Lads to Leaders program. Our congregation participates in many year-round activities to promote good leadership and Christian mentoring. On Easter Sunday each year you will find our youth and young families at the Orlando Convention site. Our kids participate in Song Leading (boys), Songs of Praise (girls), Speech, Oral Bible Reading, Bible Bowl, Good Samaritan, Podcasting, Blogging, Teach to Teach and many other great works of Christian service. 


The Junior Leader program, a part of Lads 2 Leaders, is designed for children preK-5th grade. We meet on Sunday nights during the 5PM adult Bible class. What goes on in Junior Leader? We have singing, prayers, impromptu speeches, service projects, fun activities, snacks, puppets, and lots of great spiritual encouragement. Teens and parents are encouraged to attend and help during the services and special events. It is like 52 weeks of Vacation Bible School!


ALL YOUTH ARE INVITED! Even if you are not involved with L2L or are not a member of the Summerdale Church of Christ we'd love to get your gets active in this great program. If you have any questions contact Brandon Foster ( or Ray Reynolds 



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