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We are strong advocates of the Lads to Leaders program. Our congregation participates in many year-round activities to promote good leadership and Christian mentoring. On Easter Sunday each year you will find our youth and young families at the Orlando Convention site. Our kids participate in Song Leading (boys), Songs of Praise (girls), Speech, Oral Bible Reading, Bible Bowl, Good Samaritan, Podcasting, Blogging, Teach to Teach and many other great works of Christian service. 


The Junior Leader program, a part of Lads 2 Leaders, is designed for children preK-5th grade. We meet on Sunday nights during the 5PM adult Bible class. What goes on in Junior Leader? We have singing, prayers, impromptu speeches, service projects, fun activities, snacks, puppets, and lots of great spiritual encouragement. Teens and parents are encouraged to attend and help during the services and special events. It is like 52 weeks of Vacation Bible School!


ALL YOUTH ARE INVITED! Even if you are not involved with L2L or are not a member of the Summerdale Church of Christ we'd love to get your gets active in this great program. If you have any questions contact our youth minister ( or Ray Reynolds 


SCOC/L2L Game Plan

Lads to Leaders – Orlando Convention – March 29-31, 2024



  • The Convention Theme is “I am Not Ashamed – Romans 1:16”

  • Bible Bowl book for this year is the book of “Romans”

  • Debate Topic is “Resolved: The use of instrumental music in the worship of God by His church is not authorized by His word.”



  • January 4  - Early Registration for Event Participation at Midnight (CST) ($45 fee). After this date there is a $5 late fee per person.

  • February 2 - Scholarship applications must be submitted.

  • February 11-25 - Bible Bowl, PEARLS & Defender Tests (Online Testing)

  • February 25 - Mass Media Pre-Convention events by Midnight (CST).

  • February 26 - Rosen Centre Hotel Reservation at 8:00 AM (CST) ($400 per night)



  • Blogging - Write a blog post suitable for a Christian website, 350-700 words.

  • Podcasting  - One or two participants record a podcast (on topic), 3-6 minutes in length.

  • Power Point  - Create a 20 slide presentation on chapter 11 in the PEARLS book..

  • Storyline - Present a 3-4 minute video skit related to this year's L2L theme.

  • Good Samaritan  - This is a non-competitive event. Service hours are recorded by parents and submitted to the leader. Awards are given based on the number of service hours.

  • Bible Bowl, PEARLS & Defender – Pre-convention tests must completed online.



  • Centurion of Scripture

  • Defender



  • Good Samaritan

  • Headed to the Office

  • Junior Leader

  • Keepers

  • Know the Books

  • Mass Media


  • Providers

  • Read the Word

  • Second Language

  • Sower

  • Teach Me to Pray

  • Teach to Teach

  • Year-Round Bible Reading

  • Year-Round Bulletin Board

  • Year-Round PowerPoint

  • Year-Round Puppet Theater

  • Year-Round Song Leading

  • Year-Round Songs of Praise

  • Year-Round Speech


  • Art Says It

  • Art Says It (Display Only)

  • Banner

  • Bartimaeus

  • Bible Bowl (Teams of 4)

  • Debate (Teams of 2)

  • Host/Hostess

  • Oral Bible Reading (K-6)

  • Parade of Leaders

  • Puppet Teams

  • Scrapbook

  • Song Leading

  • WC Song Leading

  • Songs of Praise

  • WC Songs of Praise

  • Speech (3-5 Minutes)

  • WC Speech


  • Parents and/or guardians are chaperones (pending background check).

  • All attendees must register for a seat at the ceremony.

  • Thursday night (D), Friday (B-L-D) & Saturday meals (B-D) in the hospitality suite.

  • We need to start taking records of all speeches, songs, service hours and year-round events.

  • Organize 4th Sunday nights each month for the young men to lead the services.

  • Begin teaching the PEARLS and Bible bowl material in Bible class.

  • Begin preparing mass media events (finished by February 4 after evening services)

  • Begin writing convention speeches (delivered on March 24 PM service).

  • Organize Sunday night classes (pre-K-5th grade) led by our 6-12 graders (Junior Leaders).

  • This will be lots of work, but lots of fun!



  • March 27 – Ray & Misty will leave on Wednesday afternoon and return on Sunday.

  • March 28 – The church van can leave the church building at 7 AM on Thursday and arrive in Orlando around 5 PM. You may want to drive yourself.

  • March 29 – Art, Scrapbook, Banner, Debate, Oral Bible Reading (K-6), Puppets, WC Speech

  • March 30 – Speech, Songs of Praise, Song Leading, WS Songs of Praise, WS Song Leading, Bible Bowl

  • March 31 – Depart from Orlando on Sunday around 10 AM and return to the building around 6 PM. Rooms will only be booked through Sunday. Additional nights cost $400 per night.



  • Top Golf (1 mile)

  • Sea World (1.5 miles)

  • Discovery Cove (2 miles)

  • Islands of Adventure (5 miles)

  • Fun Spot (6 miles)

  • Universal Studios (7 miles)

  • Disney Springs (7.9 miles)

  • EPCOT (11 miles)

  • Hollywood Studios (11 miles)

  • Animal Kingdom (13 miles)

  • Magic Kingdom (13 miles)

  • Legoland (42 miles)


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