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As some of you may know, our buildings were damaged during Hurricane Sally. Structurally we had only a little bit of damage, however because of the excess of rain, flooding, and leaks, we have sustained about $300,000 worth of damage on this facility. Our deductible is $30,000. We are going to be assessing the damage on the fellowship hall, and administrative wing, on Saturday. We anticipate the damage to be about the same and cost.

For our members, do not fret or worry. We will survive this! We are going to move back into the fellowship hall for services on a limited basis. We will move forward with social distancing as we have in the past. The work in the main building may take several weeks. We have to remove crown molding, baseboard, sheet rock, and insulation. We appreciate your patience.

For our church friends and community, the Summerdale Church of Christ remains to be a beacon of light and hope to this community. We’re not going anywhere. We are determined to continue serving meals, spreading the gospel of Christ, and shining our light. If you would like to help in the relief efforts by donating financially to help us, our members, and our community you can use our custom PayPal link: or you can send your donations to the office: Summerdale church of Christ PO Box 314, Summerdale, AL 36580

Finally, please pray. God has an amazing way of bringing peace after the storm. He has blessed our congregation. He has blessed our community. And he continues to work through his people. God is good!

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**Update** We will have services this Sunday, 9/27, in the fellowship building @10AM!

We are cooking meals,distributing water, food, cleaning supplies and other items to our church family as well as members of the community who have been devastated by this storm.  Please visit our Facebook page for the most current updates. If you would like to donate directly to the church for disaster relief, you can use our custom PayPal link:

Sunday Bible Classes: 9AM (Postponed)

Sunday AM Worship 10AM  (Fellowship Building & Online)

Sunday PM Worship 6PM (Postponed)

Wednesday Bible Classes 6:30PM (Online) (Teens & Young Adults Resume 9/9 - See News Page for More)

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A short video from our Youth & Family Minister, Ray Reynolds. 



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